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making 4 berry jam

running 8 cups of fresh picked, frozen, then thawed strawberries thru my Norpro strainer. look at all that yummy juice!
7-18-15 photo bf75fac0-51da-409a-8eff-f2fc4bc5a471_zpsiznkrygf.jpg

the solids and seeds that get strained out
7-18-15 photo b676da9b-7ddb-44dd-87ad-c96c11b221b7_zpsshifnlev.jpg

6 cups raspberries
7-18-15 photo ba4238af-e01f-442d-8d03-a9b4b8466d07_zpscctcruyq.jpg

8 cups blueberries
7-18-15 photo e75c98a5-48ce-4a65-9b78-5a1eae2d7a98_zpsdqnsmy9g.jpg

3-4 cups of blackberries
7-18-15 photo 63cada60-c54f-47d3-ac43-83db27d13bcf_zpseaqfd2bm.jpg

berry change equals juice color change
7-18-15 photo 8db3c846-ac4a-4199-a4bd-bc64faac9e94_zps62ybt72l.jpg

7-18-15 photo f81b368f-7821-49b7-9ca7-799b70f08330_zpsm7butw58.jpg

in one pan we had 9 cups of juice and 5 1/2 cups sugar
7-18-15 photo 93620d3e-3d67-4b20-98a9-ee0f61fe9bea_zpskn4xi96d.jpg

in the second pan we had 7 1/2 cups juice, and 4 cups sugar
7-18-15 photo a55935cd-2807-488b-8408-63134736297c_zpsowhs95tc.jpg

cooking the juice down makes foam
7-18-15 photo 5d9f3639-6235-47e0-bde1-a395859a0e54_zpsdtoc5obb.jpg

scoop the foam off before filling the jars
the foam photo 6-22-07043.jpg

the little jam jars can all fit in a pot of water to boil/sterilize. the bigger jars have to be done in the sink.
7-18-15 photo 66af5c3b-3090-4910-95e4-1dd31ab39a76_zpsesiiuucj.jpg

lids need to be heated/sterilized
7-18-15 photo ff156fbe-db89-4891-bb68-075c4bed5ceb_zpscqufns1m.jpg

filling the jars
7-18-15 photo 377365bc-9e59-4c18-ad79-c8d0baa76562_zps7gf9pv2w.jpg

7-5-13 019 photo 3b3315ce-ad41-434f-a473-499264e7d8f1_zpse811e5d5.jpg

yummy yummy! 11 jelly jars (1/2 pints) and 4 pints of jam
7-18-15 photo 72e13f92-3142-486a-bbd4-dd6059394e19_zpstrvpbcgq.jpg

we didnt add any surejel, because the last time we made jam we used too much and it was difficult to spread. this time it was very runny. so technically we made syrup, not jam. still, it tastes FABULOUS.

bonus video of the strainer in action
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