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mango jam, canning, wedding favors

Hello!  I am new to the community and new to canning.  I bought a water canner, but I haven't used it yet! I am getting married next August and I would like to make some jams/jellies/preserves (difference??) for wedding favors.  I think if I start now, I can have enough trial and error time to get it right by the wedding.  My FH is from El Salvador so I would like to make some mango jam for his family.  Maybe strawberry for my all american family.  Or maybe a mix, like a mango-strawberry for everyone?  

What do you think?  Has anyone gave jams as favors? I am looking for easy mango jam recipes (I live in MI, but I can buy frozen mangos at Trader Joes)  

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  

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